Chef Andi Pellicci

Chef/Owner of As You Dish.

I have relocated to Denver, CO to provide private wine pairing, dinner services, and cooking lessons to clients in the greater Denver area! Thank you to my clients in the Elk Rapids & Traverse City area for being such a large part of As You Dish for the last 7 years! 

I started cooking at a young age with my mother, experimenting with different cuisines. I continued experimenting with and finding new recipes throughout my adult life and discovered that my favorite part of cooking is the experimentation process, especially with fresh and local ingredients. As a chef, I am flexible with recipes, using them as a guideline but relying on my skills and experience to create the perfect dish.

I chose to become a personal chef because I like the idea of friends and family gathering together with a chef to cook and serve them so they can enjoy time with their loved ones. My clients are people who like to entertain and treat their guests to a special experience. They enjoy gourmet foods cooked from scratch, and they like saving time by hiring a personal chef to manage all the food planning for them.

I have cooked for house-warming parties, rehearsal dinners, baby showers, retirement parties, holiday parties, and more. Depending on the size of the event, I may work with an assistant chef, servers, and/or bartenders.

Since I started cooking professionally, I am continually warmed by how much people truly appreciate having an in-home dinner party designed especially for them. I have had clients and their guests thank me and chat with me, fascinated with the food and hearing about my story or my favorite dish. That’s an experience you typically don’t get with a caterer or at a restaurant. Being a personal chef for special events allows me to provide that level of attention to my clients while also giving me the flexibility to have a full time career and spend time with my family.

When I’m not cooking for my family or others, my interests include wine, craft beer, traveling, reading, art, hiking, puzzles and games, and anything to do with pugs.