Our Commitment to Satisfaction

Your satisfaction with our service and product is very important to us. We have adopted certain policies to accommodate the changing needs of our clientele. These policies also reflect the realities of our business. We reserve the right to change this policy from time to time as our business needs demands, so please check it often.

Shipping Policy

Fab Fresh Foods, a brand of As You Dish, is a meal delivery service. The core competency of the business is the preparation of healthy meals. Fab Fresh Foods delivers meals on Mondays and Wednesdays. This is to accommodate a regular preparation schedule. We deliver to specified locations from time to time. We also deliver directly to certain clients as we are able. It is our policy to create efficiencies whenever and wherever possible. To facilitate delivery and ensure your satisfaction, Fab Fresh Foods will provide seven days advanced notice of any change to our delivery pattern that may affect customers. We will provide this notice by e-mail and, when practical, by telephone.

Cancellation Policy

Fab Fresh Foods understands that customers will cancel their subscriptions from time to time. Your subscription will continue on a monthly basis unless and until you cancel your subscription. The deadline for cancelling any subscription service is Thursday at 5pm prior to the week of stopping the service. This allows Fab Fresh Foods to accurately set a menu, process delivery routes, manage staff and purchase food for preparation for the coming week. Cancellations made after Thursday at 5pm will be charged a prorated weekly rate applicable to the subscribed service. Any and all communication regarding cancellation must be sent to One-week trials are not subscription plans; the cancellation policy does not apply.