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Quick Caprese Rice Cake Snack Recipe

This 5 minute recipe makes either an easy vegetarian snack or simple vegan snack depending only on whether you use real mozzarella, or a vegan cream cheese.


No Equipment Needed


Very Easy

Picture of the caprese rice cracker snack.

Can easily be a vegan snack recipe!

Caprese salad recipes are traditionally made with tomatoes, fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella. Mozzarella is a great ingredient for vegetarians! But it can't be used in vegan recipes. So for vegans making this recipe I recommend using vegan cream cheese! The cream cheese alternatives are easy to spread, creamy, and mild flavored, so they don't overwhelm the delicate tomatoes.

This quick snack can be made in less than 5 minutes!

If you just need a quick snack idea, this is a simple dish that has few ingredients and does not require any cooking.


Substitution for fresh mozzarella: If you are a vegetarian who does not have fresh mozzarella you can use normal cream cheese as well.

Substitution for basil: If you don't have fresh or dried basil you can use dried oregano or an Italian spice mix.

Optional other ingredients.

You can choose to also sprinkle garlic powder or drizzle balsamic vinaigrette over the top, if you like.

Lets begin:

Picture of the ingredients. Vegan cream cheese, tomatoes, basil, and rice cakes.

Gather the ingredients.

Picture of the rice cakes spread with vegan cream cheese.

Spread 1 Tbs of the vegan cream cheese or lay 1 slice of fresh mozzarella on each of the rice cakes.

Picture of fresh tomato slices on the vegan cream cheese.

Slice the tomato and put an even number of slices on each of the rice cakes.

Picture of basil sprinkled over the tomatoes.

Chiffonade the basil if using fresh leaves. Sprinkle basil generously and evenly over the rice cakes.

Picture of the finished snack topped with sprinkles of salt and pepper.

Top each rice cake with a sprinkle of salt and black pepper. Do not skip salting the tomatoes. You do not need to use much, but it amplifies the flavor. Enjoy!

What do I serve with this snack recipe?

This snack recipe is very summery! So I think it goes nicely with other summer foods, such as;


This recipe doesn't keep well. It needs to be eaten almost immediately otherwise it will start to become soggy.


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