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Simple Vegan Brown Gravy Recipe

This is how to make brown gravy quickly and easily without meat drippings or fat.


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Picture of vegan brown gravy in a bowl.

Crafting a super fast and easy vegan brown gravy is simpler than you might think, offering all the creamy savory flavor without any animal products. Which is excellent for me! As a native Texan I need gravy on everything, ha!

Soy sauce adds that umami depth without the use of beef drippings!

This vegan brown gravy recipe offers a rich flavor that complements any dish. Serve this delectable vegan brown gravy over mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, or your favorite plant-based protein for a comforting and satisfying meal.

You could make this even cheaper if you make your own veggie broth from scraps!


Should I use salted or unsalted broth? This is entirely up to you. If you're watching your salt intake definitely use unsalted and add however much soy sauce is needed afterward. If you're not watching your salt intake just be aware that it can be easy to make things too salty, so don't add extra seasoning before tasting.

Does it matter what kind of oil? Not really, use whatever standard cooking oil you prefer.

Picture of vegan brown gravy recipe ingredients.

Gather the ingredients.

Picture of oil and flour being heated for a roux.

Heat the 3 Tbs oil in a pan over medium heat. Sift the 1/4 cup flour. (Or don't if you're feeling lazy. No judgement, but it will be easier to keep your gravy smooth if you do.) When the oil is hot add the 1/4 cup flour.

Picture of the roux forming while lumps are being whisked.

Whisk quickly being sure to whisk out any lumps. Keep whisking while the flour cooks for 1 - 2 minutes to remove any raw flavor. It should be bubbling.

Picture of the formed roux being whisked after adding a little veggie broth.

Keeping the heat medium, slowly add the 2 cups veggie broth while whisking constantly to keep the mixture smooth.

Picture of roux with even more broth added.

It can help to add it in sections, whisking out any lumps between.

Picture of brown gravy forming after the addition of other ingredients.

Add the 2 Tbs of soy sauce, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, and 1/4 tsp black pepper (optional). Taste and add more soy sauce or pepper if needed. Bring it to a simmer and keep it moving while it thickens, about 2 - 3 minutes.

Picture of brown gravy in a bowl.

Enjoy! Be aware that it will form a skin as it cools. You can whisk the skin back into the gravy if you need to.

How can I serve this?

What can't you put gravy on? But here are some ideas for use if you need some!

  • Mashed potatoes

  • Vegan meatloaf

  • Stamppot (Dutch mashed potatoes)

  • Vegan Meatballs

  • Roasted potatoes

  • Roasted veggies

  • Vegan salisbury steaks

  • Loco moco bowls

  • Vegan brats

  • and more!


This gravy recipe will last in the fridge 4-5 days.

Can I freeze it? Yes! If you freeze it in bulk it would be better to let it thaw in the fridge overnight before heating it in a pan while whisking. You could also heat it in the microwave from cold or frozen, but be sure you stop and stir/whisk it often. I also like to assemble some "freezer meals" and use gravy on those, which reheats well with the whole product. In addition it packs nicely for lunch if you take something doused in gravy.

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