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Cajun Seasoning Mix from Scratch

This Cajun spice recipe balances the warmth of paprika, the kick of cayenne pepper, and the aroma of garlic powder. It also has no salt, so the salt level can be adjusted according to usage!


No equipment needed

Difficulty Level

Very easy

This is a picture of a cajun seasoning mix made in this recipe.

Homemade Cajun spice mix that gives you more zing for seasoning Cajun food.

There are lots of reasons to create your own spice mixes. One particular reason to make your own Cajun seasoning is that the commercial versions are filled to the brim with salt. But that means you're paying too much for salt and getting skimped on the spice!

Bulk spices can be fresher and also cheaper!

I hate buying spices at major grocery stores! They tend to be overpriced and stale. Sometimes you can even see how stale because they look faded in color. Generally, I prefer to buy spices in bulk and especially at Indian, Chinese, or Mexican specific grocery stores. Those stores see a high spice turnover, so their inventory is usually both fresher and also cheaper. Sometimes significantly cheaper!

Bursting with a harmonious fusion of aromatic spices and herbs, this Cajun seasoning recipe jazzes up any dish it flavors. Whether sprinkled over seafood, poultry, or vegetables, this Cajun seasoning mix is a versatile spice recipe.


Substitute for celery seeds: It's fine! Leave them out! But celery is an important flavor in cajun cooking and helps make up the "holy trinity" of cajun food-- onions, bell peppers, and celery, so be sure you add celery to whatever you're cooking.

I think it will be too spicy for me! If you are sensitive to spicy foods you can cut the chili powder and cayenne and replace them with equal parts smoked paprika and sweet paprika.

I think it isn't spicy enough! No problem! Add more cayenne and/or chili powder.

Money Saving Tip

The estimated price in the recipe is using the lower priced options from regular grocery stores. It could be made cheaper if the spices are bought from Chinese, Mexican, or Indian grocery stores.

This picture is of all the spices measured out and ready to mix.

Gather all your ingredients.

In this picture we see the cajun spices being mixed together.

Mix all the ingredients together and store the mixture in a jar somewhere dry and out of direct sunlight.

How can I serve this?

Here are some ideas to serve this! Add however much salt is needed for the dish!

  • On fried potatoes or fries

  • Roasted Veggies

  • Creamy Cajun Pasta

  • Po' Boys

  • On popcorn

  • On corn

  • Ettouffee


If stored properly in a jar in a dry, dark area, then this spice mix can last as long as regular ground spices (2-3 years).

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