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Taco Seasoning Mix

Super easy. Super versatile. Great to keep on hand!


No Equipment Needed


Very Easy

Picture of taco seasoning mix.

Whether you're whipping up classic beefy tacos, zesty chickeny ones, or diving in with tasty straight veggie fajitas, this mix is your ticket to taco town. Easy, bold, tasty tacos that'll have everyone coming back for seconds!

Get ready to spice up your taco game with this taco seasoning mix recipe!

With our mix, you've got everything you need in one handy package. Plus, it's super versatile. Use it for a fast bean dip, a roasted potato side dish, or to quickly season some nacho bowls.

Sometimes life is hard and you're just plain tired, but food must still be made. That's why we support lazy cooking here. Say yes to anything that speeds up the process and gets healthy, tasty meals on the table with as little time and energy as possible!

Note: This recipe doesn't use chili powder because chili powder is basically just a different mix of these same ingredients.


I don't have smoked paprika, what should I do? Ultimately you can leave it out, but you'll be missing some depth of flavor.

I don't have garlic powder... You can either use onion powder or add minced garlic to whatever you're cooking.

I don't have Mexican oregano? You can use regular oregano instead, but be aware that the flavors are more different than you would think, so it's definitely worth trying to find Mexican oregano.

I think it will be too spicy for me! If you are sensitive to spicy foods you can cut some of the cayenne and replace it with sweet paprika.

I think it isn't spicy enough! No problem! Add more cayenne!

Picture of taco seasoning ingredients.

Gather all of your ingredients.

Picture of taco seasoning mixed together in a bowl.

Mix all the ingredients together and store the mixture in a jar somewhere dry and out of direct sunlight.

How can I serve this?

Here are some ideas to serve this! Add however much salt is needed for whatever dish!

  • On fried potatoes or fries

  • Roasted Veggies

  • Taco meat

  • Beans

  • On corn

  • to spice up guacamole

  • etc.


If stored properly in a jar in a dry, dark area, then this spice mix can last as long as regular ground spices (2-3 years).

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