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How to Charcuterie: Mostly Mediterranean Vegan Board

This is a step-by-step guide to build a vegan appetizer snacking board using crudites, nuts, dried fruit, and Mediterranean dips.


No Equipment Needed


Very Easy

Picture of Mediterranean inspired charcuterie board.

This snack board is a collection of classic Greek and Lebanese flavors sided with the salty additions of nuts and pretzel sticks. This board is also quite full, so it is not a big deal if you need to leave off an ingredient or two to save money or if you can't find them.

This Mediterranean inspired charcuterie goes great with a smooth bottle of red wine!

With this completely vegan spread that also includes raw options, paleo options, and keto options, this board is inclusive for many specialized diets. You could also opt to swap cheeses for some of the other ingredients, if you want.

Money Saving Tip!

If you have access to a Mediterranean grocery store you can get nearly all of these ingredients cheaper. Especially figs, dates, pitas, and olives, which will not only be cheaper, but better quality as well!

Picture of ingredients, olives, dips, nuts, pitas, etc.

Gather your ingredients.

Step 1:

Begin with a platter that is approximately 17"x13.5" (43cmx34cm). It doesn't need to be exact, a little larger or smaller is fine.

Picture of platter being measured.

Step 2:

This step is optional, but I chose to put parchment paper to protect my platter since it is silver plated. I put a sheet of the paper on the platter and traced the shape, then cut it out.

Picture of platter with parchment paper liner.

Step 3:

Get four bowls for your dips, olives, and nuts. They just need to hold 2/3 cup of each dip. I am using 4 inch (10cm) diameter bowls.

Picture of bowls for the dips, nut mix, and olives.

Step 4:

Fill one bowl with 2/3 cup baba ghanoush, one with 2/3 cup tzatziki, one with 2/3 cup good olives, and one with 2/3 cup Mediterranean-themed nut mix (anything with dried olives, rosemary, thyme, dill, etc. You can use normal nut mix if you can't find anything better). I found a dried olive nut mix that came from Trader Joes. Arrange the bowls on the platter.

Picture of platter with the arranged bowls of tzatziki, baba ghanoush, mixed nuts, and olives.

Step 5:

Place the slices of cucumber.

Picture of charcuterie board with cucumbers added.

Step 6:

Carefully add the slices of carrots.

Picture of charcuterie board with carrots added.

Step 7:

Fill in with the slices of bell pepper.

Picture with bell pepper slices added to the snacking board.

Step 8:

Tuck in the pita slices. I put them points up.

Picture of pita breads added to the snacking board.

Step 9:

Add the halves of figs, with the cut sides pointing upward.

Picture of figs added for the appetizers.

Step 10:

Pile on the halves of tomatoes, no need to be too careful about them.

Picture of tomatoes added for the appetizer.

Step 11:

Set the two small bunches of grapes on top.

Picture of grapes added to round out the crudites.

Step 12:

Pile the dates into a controlled heap.

Picture of dried dates tucked in.

Step 13:

If you're choosing to use pretzel sticks or breadsticks then tuck them in in bunches wherever you need more depth..

Picture with pretzel sticks added in bunches.

Step 14:

If you choose to use pistachios sprinkle them in anywhere that looks too thin.

Picture with pistachios added here and there as necessary, completing the charcuterie.

Now take a picture and serve!

How can I serve this?

This is an excellent addition to any spread for parties or festive occasions, but is also nice served with wine at a board game night! Here are some simple things that would also go nicely:

  • A chopping board with 3 or 5 cheeses and a cheese knife for people who aren't vegans

  • A bowl of freshly baked sliced bread or rolls

  • A bowl of popcorn

  • Some chocolate bon bons

  • Slices of cake

  • Finger foods such as skewers or pinwheels

  • Cookies

  • Etc!


I do not recommend making this more than a few hours in advance. If you do not serve it immediately, be sure to not add the pistachios and pretzels/breadsticks until right before serving, or they will start to get soggy. If you have leftovers after serving it, however, you can separate the veggies from the pretzels/breadsticks and nuts. Store the pretzels/breadsticks and nuts in an airtight container on the counter, and everything else in the fridge. The leftovers are good for 2-3 days, unless someone double-dipped, then the dips will expire rapidly.

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