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How to Charcuterie: Classic Crudites

This is a step-by-step guide to build a vegan appetizer snacking board using crispy classic crudites.


No equipment needed



This picture shows the completed charcuterie board.

Crudites charcuterie board idea for game night snacking!

This is a snack board that celebrates the simplicity of fresh vegetable crudites alongside traditional dips like vegan ranch and hummus. Fresh and dried fruit and nuts help add depth while also adding more delicious whole foods to this easy appetizer.

This simple charcuterie makes a wonderful vegan appetizer idea too!

With a thoughtful collection of vegan snacks and raw foods, the snack board embraces dietary diversity. Serve it with a full bodied red wine for a sophisticated experience. If you are feeling extra decadent consider serving it with a nice bottle of port!

Step 1:

Begin with a platter that is approximately 17"x13.5" (43cmx34cm). It doesn't need to be exact, a little larger or smaller is fine.

This picture shows a silver platter for the charcuterie.

Step 2:

This step is optional, but I chose to put parchment paper to protect my platter since it is silver plated. I put a sheet of the paper on the platter and traced the shape, then cut it out.

This picture shows the platter lined with parchment paper.

Step 3:

Get two bowls for your dips. They just need to hold 1/2 cup of each dip. I am using 4 inch (10cm) diameter bowls.

This picture shows a hand holding a bowl for dips.

Step 4:

Place them on your platter with space between.

This picture shows the lined platter with the two dip bowls on it.

Step 5:

Fill the bowls with your dips, in this case hummus and vegan ranch. I am using spicy hummus, which is why it looks red, but any hummus works. Use a spoon to press some hills and valleys into the hummus for visual texture.

This picture shows one dip bowl filled with hummus and the other filled with vegan ranch dressing.

Step 6:

Place all the slices of yellow bell pepper in a fan pattern.

This picture shows the charcuterie arrangement of yellow pepper slices.

Step 7:

Add all the slices of red bell pepper, continuing the fan pattern.

This picture shows the red and yellow bell peppers are arranged around the dips.

Step 8:

Place the first row of carrot slices.

This picture shows the carrot starting to be laid on the food board.

Step 9:

Fill in with the rest of the carrot slices. They do not need to be perfect, just try to keep them neat.

This picture shows the carrot slices filled out between the ranch and hummus.

Step 10:

Place the first rows of cucumber. Leave space so the next rows can stair-step inward.

This picture shows the cucumber slices have joined the crudites.

Step 11:

Use the rest of the cucumber slices, working inward in fan patterns. It does not need to be perfect, just tidy.

This picture shows the cucumber slices have been filled in around the vegan ranch and hummus.

Step 12:

Tuck in the crackers on both sides in fan patterns.

This picture shows crackers tucked in around the food board edges.

Step 13:

Gently place the tomatoes in the center and tucked around the inner edges of the dips.

This picture shows snacking tomatoes piled into the middle of the crudites.

Step 14:

Place the bunches of grapes on either side of the tomatoes, filling in areas that may look a little thin.

This picture shows two bunches of grapes that have been added to the platter.

Step 15:

Place the dry apricots in two different groupings.

This picture shows dried apricots tucked into bare areas in the charcuterie.

Step 16:

Gently place piles of nuts in the very center and any areas where it might look a little thin.

This picture shows small piles of mixed nuts added around the platter.

Step 17:

This step is optional, but adding a few garnishes completes the whole picture. Pour a Tbs or two over the hummus and top with a sprinkle of smoked paprika. Crack some fresh black pepper over the ranch and sprinkle on some dried parsley.

This picture shows the hummus has been topped with olive oil and the ranch has parsley and pepper sprinkled on it.

Step 18:

Take a picture and serve!

This picture shows the classic crudite charcuterie board is completed!

How can I serve this charcuterie board?

This is an excellent addition to any spread for parties or festive occasions, but is also nice served with wine at a board game night! Here are some simple things that would also go nicely:

  • A chopping board with 3 or 5 cheeses and a cheese knife for people who aren't vegans

  • A bowl of freshly baked sliced bread or rolls

  • A bowl of popcorn

  • Some chocolate bon bons

  • Slices of cake

  • Finger foods such as skewers or pinwheels

  • Cookies

  • Etc!


I do not recommend making this more than a few hours in advance. If you do not serve it immediately, be sure to not add the nuts and crackers until right before serving, or they will start to get soggy. If you have leftovers after serving it, however, you can separate the veggies from the crackers and nuts. Store the crackers and nuts in an airtight container on the counter, and everything else in the fridge. The leftovers are good for 2-3 days, unless someone double-dipped, then the dips will expire rapidly.

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